• The Bloch Hair Kit is a MUST HAVE accessory! It's easy to use and transport and includes all your bun making essentials! Features Two hair nets Fifteen 3" hair pins Ten 2" hair pins Six bobby pins Four hair elastics A how-to guide for the best bun
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    • Double coated bobby pins
    • Perfect for buns
    • 25 pins per card
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    • Builds perfectly neat buns
    • One size fits all
    • Pull hair into ponytail with elastic band. Pull ponytail through the center of the builder and slide to the base of the ponytail. Arrange hair around the builder and fasten with hair pins
    • Hand wash with mild detergent
    • Allow to air dry completely
    • Reusable
    • 1 per package
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  • Invisible hair nets Keep hair looking neat and tidy 3 per package
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    • Super heavyweight hairpins specifically designed for dancers
    • One pin does the job of several 'ordinary' hairpins
    • 12 per package
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